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Do you dream of paragliding in the mountains? Whether you opt for a paragliding flight in the mountains in spring or skiing in winter, you will live an unforgettable experience full of sensations and emotions. In order to succeed in such an adventure, it requires careful preparation. In this article, you will find advice on how to spend pleasant moments in the mountains and paragliding with your family and friends.


Paragliding on skis in winter and on the mountain in spring-summer

Spring is a good season for paragliding in the mountains. This sporting activity generally takes place in three phases: take-off, actual flight and landing. At each of these stages, you should expect different gestures from each other.

For example, the take-off usually takes place on slightly sloping ground. Before settling into the harness, the pilot makes sure to position the deployed glider just in front of the slope. He then inflates the wing after performing a few standard checks. The take-off is an operation that can be performed in two ways. The pilot can decide to slowly raise the wing into the wind without moving. He can also choose to run down the slope: aerology will dictate to the instructor the most appropriate method.

Skiing enthusiasts, for their part, will be delighted to experience the joys of paragliding on skis during the winter period. All you have to do is put on your skis and attach yourself to the harness, which is connected to your instructor's harness, which in turn is connected to a wing. Under the supervision of experienced professional instructors, you will be able to take off and land without difficulty.


Speed Riding: a sporting activity to be tested

Skiers who wish to paraglide on skis in winter can enjoy Speed Riding. This is an outdoor sport which has the particularity of combining free flight and skiing. In other words, you alternate gliding, flying and guaranteed sensations !

During Speed Riding, you can decide to land on slopes that are usually inaccessible to you, or simply fly to admire the beauty of the scenery. The possibilities with this sport are endless, and you can also access another ski area or take a flight to avoid danger: avalanche or rocky bar. No matter what you decide, you will have a real pleasure to do Speed Riding in the mountains in winter.


Equipment, clothing and tips for a successful Speed Riding experience

But how to start speed riding? In order to practice Speed Riding in optimal conditions and to ensure your safety and that of others, you must have the necessary equipment. Among these, we can mention the helmet which is strongly recommended or even compulsory. A back protection solution will also be welcome. Like any off-piste practice, the triptych "DVA probe shovel" is de rigueur! Also remember to take out compulsory air liability insurance.

When speed riding, the slopes must be flown over at a distance of 50 meters from the ski lifts. The same applies to flying over vertical and horizontal constructed obstacles. The pilot down the slope as well as the skiers have priority according to the Speed Riding rules and the skier's rules during the skiing phase.

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