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Do you dream of discovering the extraordinary sensations of paragliding ? But you want to spice up your first flight even more or you don't want to wait until the summer season to get started. Well, it's just the right time, because even during the winter, it's possible to try this adrenalin-boosting activity with paragliding on skis ! We tell you everything in this article.


Offer or give yourself a paragliding baptism in winter : an original gift

Whether it is for Christmas or a birthday, a paragliding baptism remains an unforgettable memory. And this is all the more true if you choose to ski or snowboard! And since, as the saying goes, you're never better served than by yourself, why not treat yourself to this incredible moment ? 

On the program: emotions, sensations and above all, adrenaline. Open to all (even the youngest), paragliding on skis or snow makes you discover the resorts from another angle: views from the sky ! The take-off is very smooth after a few meters of gliding on the runway. Then the instructor accompanies you in your flight and there you are, in the air, enjoying the beauty of the mountains and their white mantle. The return to firm ground (or rather snow) is done with great delicacy : no need to run, the skis offer a soft cushioning !


Our advice to enjoy a paragliding experience in winter

To savour every second of this extraordinary moment, here are a few tips :

  • Choose a serious school with state-qualified instructors: it's the B.A.-BA! In order to have fun in complete safety, it is essential that you choose a team that is passionate about the sport, but certified by the French Free Flight Federation (FFVL). This is the case with Adrénaline Parapente - some of our instructors have even won World Cup titles !
  • Opt for a ski resort with sublime landscapes: why not come and discover Courchevel or Méribel, ideal ski resorts for paragliding, whose worldwide reputation has been proven? In the heart of the 3 Valleys, these resorts in Savoie abound with breathtaking scenery.
  • Dress warmly for D-Day: in the middle of winter and at altitude, it's cold and it's even worse when you're flying with the drafts and gusts of wind. It is therefore essential that you dress very warmly ! Include technical underwear, a breathable fleece and windproof jacket over it and ski pants. Thick socks and good gloves will complete your outfit. In short: dress as if you're going down the slopes !

And of course, think about your skis or your snow !

So when's your first time paragliding in the winter ?

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