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You love paragliding and dream of making it your profession ? Whether you want to introduce as many people as possible to this extraordinary sport with paragliding first tandem flights or whether you want to give your advice to beginners in the form of training courses, you have only one objective: to live from your passion ! In short, you want to know how to become a paragliding instructor and land the famous sesame: the hang-gliding DEJEPS. This article is made for you !


Prerequisites for registering for the DEJEPS training hang-gliding

No need to apply to ENSA (National School of Skiing and Mountaineering) if you are just starting out in paragliding! The organization expects you to have a solid experience. 

And for good reason, you will need to gather a number of documents:  

  • A medical certificate of non-contraindication;
  • An extract of criminal record (blank criminal record mandatory);
  • A copy of your first-aid diploma "Prevention and civic assistance level 1";
  • Your confirmed pilot's license;
  • A certificate issued by a professional proving that you have observed the teaching profession for more than 5 days over the last 3 years;
  • Your results in competition or distance flying for the last 3 years.

Yes, that's right... And you should know that the whole Adrenaline team got their diploma with flying colours!


The selection test to enter ENSA

In addition to a solid record, there are tests that await you: 

  • A performance test (depending on the results in competition or distance flying provided);
  • A technical test in flight or on the ground with a wing of category C minimum;
  • A written knowledge test (level: confirmed pilot's license);
  • A physical test (running test type Léger-Boucher);
  • An oral interview with the jury.

Your assignment in the different training centres depends entirely on your ranking, so it is best not to take these selection tests lightly.


The DEJEPS alternating hang-gliding

At ENSA, paragliding instructor training is done in alternation over two years, for a total of 1700 hours, including 800 hours at the training centre. 

This is an ideal way to learn the profession: it allows you to put into practice on the ground all the skills and knowledge you learn at school. It is therefore essential to choose your host company carefully... and above all, to be highly motivated !

Yes, you don't become a paragliding instructor in a snap of the fingers. But if you're passionate about it, then it's worth it !

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