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Do you want to live a breathtaking experience during your stay in Savoie? Nothing better than a paragliding flight over Méribel to live intense moments in the Savoyard sky and discover the superb landscapes of this historical region of France. Discover the joys of paragliding by flying over the Méribel valley with Adrénaline Parapente.

Tandem paragliding experience above Meribel

Méribel (73) is an exceptional site located in the Alps, right in the heart of the 3 Valleys on the municipal territory of Les Allues. The beauty and the charm of this small paradise are so many assets which make Méribel a place favourable to escape and relaxation. Paragliding is the ideal activity to appreciate, from the heights, the beautiful panorama that this winter sports resort offers. Adrénaline Parapente offers you the possibility to experience intense sensations in the sky by initiating you to tandem paragliding in Méribel.

The tandem paragliding experience is done in a two-seater paraglider accompanied by a professional pilot. The pilot takes control of the paraglider from the beginning to the end of the flight (your pilot will make you fly if you wish and if the conditions allow it). Comfortably installed in the harness, all you have to do is let yourself be guided by the pilot and fly in complete serenity. Admire the beautiful scenery that passes before your eyes and enjoy the wonderful feeling of free flight. With the pilot, you can make turns in the sky to get the adrenaline pumping and take photos or videos to immortalise your first paragliding lesson.

First flight in paragliding in Méribel: a unique flying experience

Adrenaline Parapente takes you to discover the fantastic ski area of Meribel : the ideal ski resort for paragliding and the 3 valleys during a 10 to 15 minute panoramic flight. This is a flight that will allow you to enjoy the unique and splendid panorama of the resort. The take off is very simple during the nice days, and even more during the winter. It is done on one of the different take-off spots of Méribel. You just have to let yourself glide for a few meters before taking off in altitude accompanied by the professional pilot.

From the harness of the paraglider, you will be able to contemplate the marvellous landscapes of the region and see the surrounding mountains from their summit. If the conditions allow it, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc. Flying over Meribel, it is not uncommon to see birds (mostly eagles) or animals (hinds, ibexes and chamois). With the fresh air blowing on your face, the magnificent spectacle under your feet and the 360° view on the massifs, you will live a unique and magical experience. You are guaranteed a thrilling experience and unforgettable memories during this paragliding flight.

The panoramic paragliding flight is accessible to all, even for a first flight. It is therefore an outdoor activity perfectly suited to young children (from 5 years old) up to seniors (80 years old). Landing after a paragliding flight is as easy as taking off. The instructor will take care of bringing you back to the ground smoothly and safely. The paraglider is actually a glider. Thanks to thermal and dynamic lift, it can stay aloft and even rise much higher than the take-off.

A safe paragliding flight over Méribel

The paragliding flight over the large ski area of Meribel takes place in complete safety. No fear, as you will be comfortably seated in a two-seater paraglider and accompanied by a professional pilot. You will be securely attached to the glider from take-off to landing. The expert instructor will show you the basics of flying a paraglider.

Before you take off, he will explain to you the attitude to adopt before take-off, during the flight and on landing. He will put you in the right conditions, so that you can spend a magical moment in the air. Confident and relaxed, you will make the most of the sensation of free flight and the magnificent spectacle that unfolds before your eyes. Paragliding ensures that you will have an intense and unforgettable time, whatever your age.

Flying over Meribel in a tandem paraglider is an interesting and fun activity that you must try alone, with your family or friends. The tandem paragliding experience is so simple that it is accessible to all ages. Paragliding can be done on sunny days as well as during the coldest periods of the year. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fantastic panorama of Meribel from above. Tandem paragliding over this Savoy resort with Adrenaline Parapente will be a real pleasure.

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