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Has your child been bugging you for weeks or months to "fly like a bird"? Does he constantly have his head up in the air, admiring the colourful sails drifting in the sky ? Whether it's for his birthday, his party or simply to please him, you would like to offer him a children's paragliding baptism, but you ask yourself a multitude of questions ! How can you be sure that the instructors are serious and that the flight will be safe? And moreover, how does it work in practice ? The answers in this article. 


Paragliding for children: from what age?

Children from 4 to 10 years old can do their baptism in complete safety with our paragliding school. Any doubts ? Then follow our golden rule: it must be him who asks to fly in the air (and not daddy-mummy-taty or any other air activity lover close to him !).


Where and when to launch?

Adrenaline Parapente offers paragliding flights in winter in the Savoie resorts (Courchevel and Méribel). But for toddlers, it will be above Lake Annecy, for a breathtaking view. All our instructors are of course state qualified, and our two-seater structure is even labelled by the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL) for maximum safety.

In order to ensure that this flight takes place in the calmest and gentlest possible conditions, we prefer a morning take-off, in the early hours of the day.


What is the program?

A baptism lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and it is more than enough for the children ! 

And because the little ones love to ask a multitude of questions (the famous "why" phase), we take time before take-off to explain everything to them in simple and easy to understand words. Of course, we explain to them how the flight is going to take place and we equip them with equipment totally adapted to their morphology.

Then comes the time to leave the ground. A few strides and there he is in the air, ready to touch the clouds! Comfortably seated on his harness, your child can choose: enjoy all the sensations or try piloting under the supervision of the instructor. Generally, kids are much less cold than adults and love to take control.

Finally, it's landing! Chances are you'll hear about it for a long time (and so will your friends). Plus, we even offer you the photos and video... Enough to relive this magical moment over and over again !

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